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Lead singer, songwriter, producer, and indy label manager Michael Paul began his musical journey on the East Coast (Boston, MA) with a variety of rock, hard rock, and metal bands like; ‘Steel Blue,’ ‘Vendetta Suite,’ and ‘Gridlock.’ When Michael relocated to Los Angeles, he promptly built a new alternative/metal-grunge band called Deep Under Green (DUG), which performed throughout LA’s club circuit in world-renowned venues like The Troubadour and The Roxy. After DUG disbanded due to unforeseen and debilitating trauma plaguing essential band members, Michael began exploring his potential as a solo artist.

Michael Paul (MP) released his first solo EP, “REACH,” which received rave reviews across US and UK Internet radio. MP was awarded “Best Song of the Year” two times ––once with ‘Natural Disaster’ and then again with ‘Hollywood Postcard,’ on US Internet radio, “” MP has also been featured on the local TV/PBS broadcast talk show “Laff It Off With Grace.” On the show, MP gave live performances and personal interviews with host Grace Fraga. Immediately after “REACH,” MP produced and released a funk-like-bluesy single called ‘Fruition’ which won him the “Best Male Vocalist” award on UK Internet radio, “”

Attracting almost 30K viewers on YouTube, MP’s debut music video ‘Natural Disaster’ received accolades from critics and an astounding gen-pop demographic ranging from 12 to 60 years of age. Also, while promoting the “REACH” EP throughout So Cal, MPB enjoyed near-sold-out concerts via intimate venues like “The Merch” and “The Vault” in Temecula, CA, and have performed in support of fundraising events like “Rock Out Cancer.”

As an entrepreneurial indy label manager, Michael Paul developed the bi-monthly “Be Part of the Process” campaign and offers fans single-song supporting opportunities via the band’s website. These campaigns help to cover the cost of audio recording, video production, wardrobe, travel, marketing, etc. Fans do not disappoint, and campaign goals are usually met.

MPB primarily promotes new releases via ‘You Should Be Here,’ ‘Secret’ and ‘Us’ are among recent successful singles. All songs can be purchased via MPB’s social media presence is growing every day, encompassing many networks.

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